I’m Back, Baby!

August 17, 2012

Is that? Could it be? Holy shit! It is! That’s a yeast starter! In my house!

After six months off, I’m back, baby! Tonight I whipped up a 1.1 liter starter of 1056 for some 1.056 expected OG beer. I wonder if Wyeast called their American Ale yeast “1056” because that’s the most common starting gravity for American Ales…

I stopped brewing because about six months ago Jess and I said, “Eff this, we’re mobile” and we moved. We spent a crap-load of time prepping our old house for sale, but now we’re in the new one. We’re not settled in yet, but I’m tired of waiting; I’m brewin’!

I have to move from the stove-top to a propane burner. (The new house has an electric stove for now.) Also I have to build a new picnic cooler mash tun. I let the old one get all nasty so I chucked it. The new house has a well, so I have to use distilled water and add salts now. I’ll be installing an RO system soon, but that’s not much different than using distilled. This is going to be a new start on a new system, so I’m starting simple with the American Amber I’ve brewed twice before. I’m planning to go full throttle for the next while to dive back in.

I have a dozen or so sets of competition scores from last winter that I still need to post to this site. They’ll be going up over the coming weeks.

I’m back, baby!