About When Yeast Attack!

This page is place for me to document my attempts at becoming a reasonably decent homebrewer and amateur winemaker. I started brewing in 2003 (Actually December 31st, 2002) and winemaking in 2010. I started actually getting somewhat serious about brewing in 2009 and really serious about it in 2010.

When I set out to start making this web site, I figured I could start by documenting all the beer I’ve brewed since I started in 2003. I was shocked to discover that I’ve only brewed 17 batches of beer. It seems like so many more, likely because of all the time I’ve spend reading and thinking about brewing. My goal, in an attempt to become a much better brewer, is to brew at least ten batches per year from here on out. I plan to re-brew failures and run experimental brews whose sole purpose is to learn how, say, different hops or different hop schedules affect a given beer.

This site will also be used to document my winemaking hobby. As of the time this page was written in early 2011, my first couple of batches of wine – 2010 Traminette and Noiret grown near Erie, PA – are bulk aging now. I don’t think either will be good wine, but both are serving as a great learning experience.

I’ll update this site any time I do anything brewing or winemaking related. Hopefully that should be pretty often. Keep reading!