Brew Day: Baltic Porter (Beer #44)

December 8, 2012 by Jack

Three weeks ago I brewed the Baltic Porter recipe from Brewing Classic Styles. This is a beer style I don’t know very well since there aren’t many commercial examples available in the US. Some craft breweries make beers they call Baltic Porter, but from what I’ve read and been told by those who’ve been to the Baltic region these beers aren’t true to the style. The US craft versions are big, bold, nearly black, and roasty – built like a robust porter but with higher ABV. Baltic Porter, on the other hand, should be dark but not black, mildly roasty, with moderate dried dark fruit esters from the malt & alcohol. Jamil’s recipe is supposed to approach that.

4 oz of low-alpha hops makes for a very green wort!

The recipe had an esitmated OG of 1.089. As is shown below, I ended up at 21.8 Plato, or 1.091. I was pretty happy with that.

The beer finished at 1.018, giving it 9.7% ABV. It is kegged, carbed, and lagering now. It should be ready for drinking after a few months, but realistically it will be best if saved for next winter. I will post some initial tasting notes soon to give me something to look back at when tasting it after it has aged.

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