Degassing the 2010 Traminette

July 5, 2011 by Jack

The 2010 Traminette still had lots of CO2 in suspension. This bit of fizziness makes the wine taste more tart than it should. I’d read that the gas should come out of suspension naturally after enough time, but it didn’t seem to be happening for the Traminette. So I took to a method commonly used by kit winemakers – mechanical degassing. I picked up a brake bleeder and vacuumed the CO2 out of it.

Here’s a video I took of the degassing in action. I recommend turning the sound way up and seeing who you attract from other parts of the house.

The foam on top is a combination of wine fizz and (mostly) star-san. I had just racked the wine into this carboy and was degassing before fully topping it up.

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