Dubbel Racked, Gulden Draak Drank

April 3, 2011 by Jack

This was a good weekend for beer around our house. In addition to brewing the witbier yesterday, I also racked Jess’s Belgian dubbel to a secondary fermentor.

(The golden-colored carboy is 2010 Traminette, bulk aging.)

I know there’s a raging debate in the homebrew community about whether or not beer should be transferred to a secondary if you’re not adding stuff like dry hops, oak, cacao, etc., and if you’re not going to bulk-age the beer for an extended time. I did not secondary the IPA I brewed a couple months ago, and it’s starting to clear up nicely. But… there is much more sediment in those bottles than in the beer that I do secondary. I don’t think we’re good enough brewers yet to get clean, clear beer without a secondary. Someday…

Also, I wanted to get the dubbel out of the primary in this instance for two reasons – the carboy was filthy due to the massive krausen during primary fermentation, and also I wanted to use the carboy to ferment the witbier. The solution to the latter problem is simple: get more carboys.

The weekend of beer ended with a fantastic dinner:

Moroccan beef tagine and Gulden Draak. The only problem I have with this picture is that it’s gone now. Also, I need to learn to take decent pictures.

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