Farewell To My Brew Dog

January 29, 2014 by Jack

In late July, 2004, we brought home a tiny puppy. We named him Simon. The tiny puppy grew into a gigantic dog. Simon gained many nicknames over the years – Tonka, TK, Chuckie Wiggles, Mr. Beans, Charlie Pickles, and on and on. He also earned a title: Brew Dog. Simon was my brew dog.

If I was brewing, Simon was there. It didn’t matter if it was hot out; he’d still park his butt next to the burner.

Cold? He’d happily plonk himself down on his blue brewday blanket and help. Invariably, if I was brewing, he was underfoot.

…unless maybe there was some Q on the smoker. Then he’d be 20 yards away.

Or if the spent grain had been chucked over the hill.

Or maybe Jess was baking something delicious.

Still, those distractions were temporary. Simon would always find his way back to the brewing action. Because Simon was a brew dog. Simon was my brew dog.

Goodbye, Simon.

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