Gear: New Pint Glasses

September 20, 2011 by Jack

I just finished racking the Schwarzbier into a keg so it can start lagering. Now, to figure out what to do about the Sauvignon Blanc that hasn’t started fermenting yet. But first, check this out…

The new pint glasses I ordered a while back arrived today. Behold their majesty!

I don’t often buy glassware. In fact, the only beer glasses we ever bought are the #include <beer.h> ones Jess got for me way back when. All of our others are freebies or door prizes. The streak of only collecting free glasses ended when this deal popped up on Homebrew Finds – $18 for twelve of these glasses. (It came to about $25 with shipping, so about $2/glass.) Usually these glasses sell for about $9 each, so I was happy with this find. Yeah, I’d never pay $9 for a beer glass, but $2? Definitely. Especially one that’s so well hyped renowned.

I have to say, I wasn’t sure if the glasses would actually get here, and if they did, if they’d be intact. They came from some bargain basement web store and they were shipped via some package company I never heard of. And when they arrived, this is all the packaging they had:

But they all made it here without breaking. For that I am glad.

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