Paper Chromatography for Testing Malolactic Fermentation

June 14, 2011 by Jack

I recently picked up a paper chromatography kit for testing completion of malolactic fermentation in wine. Here is what is provided me with:

What this shows is that the Noiret has finished MLF, Syrah 1 is nearing completion, Syrah 2 is getting well underway, and the Traminette may or may not have undergone a slight bit of MLF.

I am concerned about the Traminette. All red wines undergo MLF, but for most white wines, MLF is a bad thing. White wines should be tart, crisp, and aromatic. Putting them through MLF turns them soft and buttery. Traminette should not go through MLF.

I recently discovered that white wine should be treated with Lysozyme to prevent or stop MLF. I will be picking some up before bottling the Traminette to ensure it doesn’t go any further, if in fact is has started.

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