The Great East Coast Earthquake of 2011

August 23, 2011 by Jack

Did your beer and wine survive the great east coast earthquake of 2011? Mine did. It was a bit hairy there for a minute, but it all survived:

In that pic is two carboys of syrah, one of brown porter, a bunch of traminette, and some noiret. The earthquake was significant here in Pittsburgh in that my office building downtown was swaying rather unnervingly. I got away from the windows because they were bowing and making noise. In all seriousness, I wasn’t really worried about the beer and wine, except that I thought those 750ml bottles might have fallen over in the shaking. Had the wine not been in the basement, it might have.

On the plus side, the four carboys I ordered for a steal from amazon ($25.50, shipped) arrived:

Unfortunately, one of them didn’t survive the earthquake.

Well, either the earthquake or the brown delivery company. One of those things wreaked havoc upon one of the carboys. Amazon has already created a new order to ship me a replacement.

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